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 God among Us

            In the beginning there was nothing, no light or darkness nor black and white, just absolute nothing. For how long this continued, nobody knows, according to scriptures however everything changed when in the spur of the moment, something appeared. This something is a being of unknown origins; it just appeared of out of nowhere. It didn’t move at first, but it cradled itself like a child and slept. For an unknown amount of time it just slept, while it sleeps, forms of natural spectrum spread by itself and prematurely formed the plain of existence. It continued for another time that is unknown to us, until finally this being have awoken for the first time.

            Upon its awakening it just stood there, inspecting its surroundings, surprisingly it found it dull. This being which will be called “The First” consumed everything in the plain of nothingness and burst. What happened afterwards is a mystery, but all that one must understand is that the Universe was finally born, and along came four heralds that will rule and forever change the course of the universe.

            The First have created four other beings along with the universe, the first herald was named Yon, which means death, keeper of the cycle. The second was Aesha which means life, keeper of the creation and destruction. The third was Revlis which means time, keeper of strength and despair. And the fourth was Ein, the meaning of its name and what it keeps was not known to anyone but The First. This four was tasked to keep watch and nurture the creation of the first, to pass judgement as they see fit and balance the scales of fate. After the great Creation, The First left a message to the four, “Be well my dearest, take care of what is in here until the next Creation”, by then The First have disappeared.

            This is the story of how the universe was made, whether this is true or not is certainly something I cannot confirm. For countless generations this is the story that has been passed down to my family, a different tale that my family has come to believe. My name is August Rogan, 19 years old and this is the story of my origins and how things came to be.

            I feel the warm sun, gazing through my skin; I can feel its warm touch. The gentle breeze of the wind that touches my skin, its chills mix with the warmth of the sun. Upon the horizon I see a hill with a very big tree on top, behind it is the sunset painted by an orange blaze, it’s so peaceful and delightful. I slowly walk towards the hill, as I get closer I noticed that there are kids playing beneath this tree. I thought to myself, “Night is descending. Why would kids still play at this time? They should go home”. As I got near the tree, I noticed that the number of kids playing, slowly dwindled, one by one they disappear.

            I finally reached the tree and much bigger up close. No, its gigantic. When I reached the tree, the number of kids was finally withered to one. The one that remains appears to be a girl, I can tell because she is wearing a pink dress and she has long hair that sways with the wind. I approach the girl and ask her where are the rest of the kids. I walk towards her, when I am finally two steps away from her... I stopped.

            It seems that she knows of my presence so instead, she turned around and faces me. As she turns around I felt fear, fear that seems to root up in me and I don’t understand why, it’s just a little girl. That thought perished when she faced me because what I saw next is a frightening scene. She has no face, it was all carved up, I can see her flesh all torn up and on her right hand, and she is holding her face.

            The beautiful scene of sunset was replaced by chaotic red and fire, the gigantic tree is now burning right before me, what’s more the supposed branches turned to humans, all screaming in agony as they burned away, screaming and begging for mercy, speaking in words I can't understand. I may not understand what they said though but all I know is they are angry, full of rage. In this nightmare, this is the part where I started to run. I ran as fast as I could, never look back, and this is the part where I wake up.

            I woke up in my room as always, the sun is shining through the window blinds peeking at me with its sunshine, saying hi. I normally don’t dream of nightmares, they don’t come by so often but this one seems so... real. It’s like I was there, I've been there, and the girl on top of the hill oddly seems so familiar. I don't understand that dream just now, but I am very glad that I'm awake now.

            Today is a special day, today is the day I will venture the world on my own. I just graduated from the university yesterday, and by the deal I made with my father today and until the time come to me, I’m going to explore the world and beyond it. I got up and fix my bed, reach for my closet and get the clothes and everything that I would possibly need for my trip. I’m just so hyped about this that my mind is all over the place. I finally finished fixing my things and now it’s time for me to take a bath and eat my last meal in this house. Well it’s not like I’m going away permanently but I will be gone for a long time. I will miss this house it's full of memories and pain, but this is the place where I grew up. The only place in the world where the memories of my mother will always stay alive and will be cherish.

            My mother died, I was 10 when it happened. She was sick and none of the doctors that we approach can cure her illness. We tried everything but nothing seems to work. My mother back then was bed ridden, every time I visit her she just smile at me. Even in her condition she would still insist to read me books before I sleep. The feeling was horrible, seeing the person you love and looked up to in such state. No words of loneliness can describe what I feel back then. Before she died, she told me “My sweet son, I’m sorry I won’t be able to read you anymore books every night, but don’t be sad. Stay strong, you have a future ahead of you; just promise me that you will stay as the sweet child that I know. The child that is always cheerful, happy, strong and helpful. Mommy loves you so much, never forget.” those are my mother’s final words as her last tears flow from her eyes and the kiss of death touches her.

            Ever since my mother’s death the vibrance of my home never stayed the same. My dad, who is always smiling, gives fewer smiles every day. I can see in his eyes, his loneliness, his yearning for my mother. He spends most of his time now in the library, perhaps reading books or looking through the family picture which is mostly spent by staring at my mother’s picture. When my mother was alive the ambiance of a happy home can always be felt but now the once shining halls of our big house, where laughter can be heard is now gone. But despite all this the house was still kept clean by our house maids, who does their best to keep the whole house tidy and happy, they were the one who keeps me company in place of my father.

            I reached for the massive doors of my house and there I was greeted by the whole household staff, all of them were crying begging me not to leave because the house will be lonely as ever. And In the middle of the crowd there stand the head maid, Madam Rose. That old strict but kind lady who in place of my mother stood up and looked out for me after all this years. For that I am always grateful.

I approach her and she said.

            “It’s been 9 years since your mother died, ever since then we have been taking care of you. And now you’re all grown up into a tall and strong man... why must you leave young master. Stay handle the family business, learn from your father I’m sure he will be happy.”

            I have already talked to father about this; surprisingly there was not much of a commotion. He just gave a few conditions like don’t forget to write or at least let you all know that I’m ok. Rose, you have stood up as my mother after all these years, I am really grateful for that and I know that all of you mean well.... but for now there’s a world out there that I need to see and things to discover.


            Rose gave a warm smile for the first time, I stood there amazed. She said “you have really grown up now. If your mother was here I am sure she will be very proud of you. Now don’t forget to send souvenirs everywhere you go take care of yourself and try not to get in trouble. Don’t repeat what you did back in the university”. After saying those words, I just gave off a smirk. After saying all my goodbyes, I mount my Quad cycle look back one last time at my house, and finally I’m off to the road and my own adventure.

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August Rogan : 19 years old
1st: The Beginning
2nd: Rogan Mansion


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